The Ultimate Assessment Software.

Retrieve, Organize, and Analyze Data

BOSCO K12 Data Retrieval Platform.

The User Dashboard puts everything at the evaluator’s fingertips. It is organized in a manner that makes navigation simple and logical. It includes a “Things to Do” list, a “Student List”, and each can be accessed by a simple mouse click.

  • Access existing student files.
  • Generate documents and reports.
  • Upload documents and reports.
  • Manage your case load.

BOSCO K12 not only connects you with the data you need, it also organizes the data in an intuitive manner that saves you and your team precious time.

Rule Out Exclusionary Factors

BOSCO K12 organizes and monitors exclusionary factors, making rule out simple and effective

Manage Workloads

BOSCO K12 helps users manage their case-loads and schedules

Reduce DNQs

With multiple sources of data clearly organized and readily accessible, it is easier to make determinations as to whether a student is At-Risk

Save Precious Resources

Reduce the hours spent searching for data and the resources required to test students that are likely to be found DNQ


Key Features


Streamlines the collection and organization of multiple sources of data


Ensures accountability by assigning Team Members to student cases


Enables the user to print and upload important documents (e.g., work samples, parent reports)


Organizes data for exclusionary factors consideration/rule out


Assists the evaluator with the designing of a targeted testing plan


Generates a comprehensive report summarizing student’s multiple sources of data

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